About Mutts

Everyone has a story to tell. Some tell the tales of  grand living and luxury, but others a story of pain, sadness, and loneliness, of dirt and defeat in the face of a world that doesn’t seem to care.  These last ones are the stories of shelter animals, the dogs and cats abandoned, lost, and unwanted. And that is where we come in. It is our gift – our joy – to see beyond the tragedy and find the true soul of the animals who find their way into our lives.

Mutts Transport Service is a group of volunteers who daily seeks to find that forever home for the thousands of shelter dogs and cats. Somewhere, there is a home for every animal, and we are doing our best to find those homes for as many as we can. In 2011 alone, we were able to transport 1,439 shelter animals to new lives with new families or caring rescues, giving all of them hope instead of an untimely end. And we aren’t picky; we don’t care what size, breed, sex, age, or what an animal’s “adoptability” is:  we just want to help.

Using our own money, vehicles, crates, food, and time, we make as many trips as possible each month to transport animals out of shelters and to new homes or rescues. On average, these transports cost anywhere between $60 and $140 per trip, depending on the number of animals being transported, the distance, and the type of vehicle. The costs of these transports easily adds up, but every animal we move out of a shelter allows space for another to come in and gives more time for them to find a “furever” home.

We’re a group of volunteers, big-hearted group of guys and girls committed to speaking up for those without a voice. We do a lot of begging for these animals. We plead for money, drivers, crates, food, and most often we beg for time to find rescues and transport. We will willingly drive anywhere we have to and anywhere we can, and the more drivers, sponsors, and volunteers we have, the more animals we can save.

Ways you can help a shelter animal through Mutts

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Moving shelter animals to rescues before being euthanized